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Clan of Exteel

Team Reboot: Exteel team
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We come from the net....
from users, to cities, to this place....
Live Journal.
Our format: Mech Pilots.
Our purpose: To mend and defend. To defend our newfound friends. To defend them from their enemies.

Some say the user lives outside the net... and plays Exteel for their entertainment. No one knows for sure, but we intend to find out...


Joining Requirements:

1) LiveJournal
2) XFire: This what we use to keep in touch, as it is basically XBL for the PC with clan support instead of achievements. Get it.
3) Hamachi: Not as vital as Xfire, but pretty important. We play co-op as much as anything, and if a game makes that a nuisance to setup, we will use this to play over a VPN.
4) Attitude: We are a casual guild, so if you care about rank more then fun, you wont be happy here.


1) Respect: Simply have it and we will get along fine... all of us.
2) xfire: Leave it running when you are available for a game. Also, in your first post, PLEASE include your Xfire name so we can add it to our lists.
3) Enjoy yourself! This would be pointless if it wasnt fun!

Taken names:
1) Megabyte
2) Mouse
3) Matrix
4) Ray-Tracer
5) Deacon