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About Team REBOOT
Team Reboot is casual clan in various games. We Started in Exteel, but are always willing to expand if enough players are interested. Interested in joining, please look at the guidelines in the "Our Format" page.

November 2007
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Mad Overlord [userpic]

Well, for one game, anyway... Last night, SpaceCowboy's GMs got back about fixing the server issue. They hope to be running by tomorrow.

In the meantime, I will get back with anything I find on Exteel tonight. Also, Im going to be setting up a poll soon for which games we will declare ourselves active in. I figure the week after AB I will put it up, so anyone who wants to suggest something, please speak up! (As always, the list will be flexible... when it will change, I dont know, but.... we can figure out the details later.... this group is still a work in progress, after all)

Mad Overlord [userpic]

As of lat Friday, this program has been offline.... we have yet to see even a newspost REPORTING the issue. Personally, Im giving them a week before I move on.... If they dont fix OR admit the bug by then... Im out.

Mad Overlord [userpic]

I should give mine too...


Spam [userpic]

Hi all!
I joined because well..Gendo said to; and no one defies the will of Gendo.
Comrade User name: Deacon132

Mad Overlord [userpic]

Exteel's Open Beta should be along anytime, as I just found out it's been offlined since January with the end of the Closed Beta. I apologize for delaying the info, but I left to wait for the server reset the Open would bring.

But the good news is, it's NOT over...

And in the meantime, we can meet in other games... any ideas anyone?

Mad Overlord [userpic]

We are here, we are officially here.

Welcome to his little sector..... Team REBOOT has officially ARRIVED!

However, we have a little business to attend to right now.....

All who are actively in the game of Exteel, we need to setup times to meet...

So, I will ask now... when would be good for you? Please reply and let me know... we will try to accomodate all....

And now, time to move the list here...

Official and active members:
1) Megabyte
2) Ray Tracer
3) Mouse

Official and inactive members (not in game yet):
1) Hexadecimal
2) Frisket
3) Matrix

Im asking all six of you to become members to this community, so you may add what you have to say as well.... and please to those not in, try to get in... the more the merrier...


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