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About Team REBOOT
Team Reboot is casual clan in various games. We Started in Exteel, but are always willing to expand if enough players are interested. Interested in joining, please look at the guidelines in the "Our Format" page.

November 2007
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Mad Overlord [userpic]

I know someone just decided they wanted in, but I must say, Im letting them in mainly to see the following.... as timing is frankly a bitch sometimes....

We are leaving Livejournal.

You heard me, we are leaving.

No complaints....

No wails of nashing teeth....

we are just gone.

And we are gone because.....

We are on xfire. Completely now.

We have all we need for internal communication, so that will now be our main base. Im currently working on a website within which to shell this awesome little spot with all the things a clan could need..... buy by the very essence of it having a forum AND a news section, it has put everything we could use here for as well as all the extras under one roof....

I couldnt refuse....

So, its been fun, but we are off this system....


Mad Overlord [userpic]

Nothing major today, but we have a VPN program for co-op games that dont welcome internet play so well. Check out the profile for the newest version.

Mad Overlord [userpic]

what doesnt die!

I just got my email from a network blackout's ending.... and guess what came in....

NCSoft is appearantly RESTARTING the Xteel beta! Im in once more. I think the quake wars Demo may have just ended for me... (Im still in the long haul, but the demo, I think just became over).


Mad Overlord [userpic]

and Im updating everything as we speak...

Xfire will be our pager. Why? Because of the SOLID reccomendations Ive seen in random places for it, and as we speak, half the people who take part in the votes have already voted for it.

Im sorry to have wasted everyone's time with Comrade, but see you all with the new pager!

Mad Overlord [userpic]

Im sorry for all the polls, but I felt the need to bring this up to you... I found a new IM game program last night, and wondered if anyone wanted to use it instead....

Which messenger should we use as a team?

Gamespy Comrade

THank you for your input

Mad Overlord [userpic]

Anyone use a program called Xfire before?

Mad Overlord [userpic]

The Games are now down to 3

Which game should we play?

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
Guild Wars

And while we are at it:

What Voice program should we use?

Roger Wilco

PLEASE NOTE: We will not always use voice if people decide they dont want it in game X,Y or Z

Also, if you have any other ideas, please note them.

Mad Overlord [userpic]

As far as Im concerned, Space Cowboy Online is officially dead. They STILL havent fixed the auto-update. Rather the users themselves found a way to manually patch the game. The people RUNNING THE GAME DID NOTHING!


Since Im leaving them, however, I thought it might be fun to.... mess with them a little first....

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

and the TOP ones:
So, how about this feature to suggest?
and for the final...WE FIX IT IN NAMEK TIME! (So your months are our minutes!)

Mad Overlord [userpic]

Im thinking we could get into a game we gather in to complete as a team.... anyone interested? Below are the ideas I have in mind, but if you have others, please comment.

Poll #974743 Game to play

Which game should we gather for (Im guessing once a week?)

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
Guild Wars
Doom 3
Diablo 2

Mad Overlord [userpic]

While we wait for Exteel, and Space Cowboy Online to fix itself (I refuse to play a game that can't even patch itself as SCO is right now, sorry), we should have a game to gather around... any ideas?

Personally, a part of me wonders if while we are so small, we should dig into PSOBB once a week, and actually move to as a team complete the story game. I know, the game charges per month ($10), but it's an idea anyway... anyone else have ideas, please pass them along.

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